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Parker -Shut your pie hole! ¡Cállate la maldita boca! - ¿O qué, soldadito comando? The pink stick, eat it or lose it! -Shut your pie hole! El palo rosa, ¡ cómetelo o tíralo! - ¡Cállate el hocico, amigo! Shut your pie hole! MOJA AL IMBECIL ¡Muy bien! Now, shut your pie hole! ¡Ahora, cállate!. English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. shut your pie hole! ¡cierra la bocota! shut your pie -hole!. pie hole translation spanish, English - Spanish dictionary, meaning, see also 'air hole',black hole',bolt hole',bore hole', example of use, definition, conjugation, pico nm. Parker Shut your pie hole! Parker - ¡Cierra el pico! Shut your pie hole, Marvin! ¡Cierra el pico, Marvin! bocaza nf. Mom, shut your gaping pie hole. Mamá .

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  • Translate Shut your pie hole. Drive Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.
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Hey ugly boy, cover a confine your ass - Translation into Spanish - examples Received Pronunciation | Reverso Context

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Shut Your Pie Breach In Spanish

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Kennyshut your goddamn mouth! I'm gonna shut your ass down. Subtitles through despite movies and TV series. French Canadian French pie.

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  • 11 Jan My daughter and I are learning Spanish well-adjusted. She got rabid at me after I spouted ever and anon Spanish word I know at her to prove I was studying. (Must have been10, perhaps even 12). Anyway, she said she was going to learn how to tell me to "Shut your pie-hole".
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Shut Your Pie Hole In Spanish

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Parker -Shut your pie hole! ¡Cállate la maldita boca! - ¿O qué, soldadito comando? The pink stick, put it or worsted it! -Shut your pie hole! El palo rosa, ¡ cómetelo o tíralo! - ¡Cállate el hocico, amigo! Bolted your pie hole! MOJA AL IMBECIL ¡Muy bien! shut your pie hole! ¡Ahora, cállate!. English Turkish on the net dictionary Tureng, carry words and terms with different articulation options. shut your pie hole! kapa çeneni! shut your pie hole! kes sesini!. Translate Turn your pie box. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

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A way to tell someone to Shut the Fuck Up or Shut Up, Bitch that turns a tense moment into something funny. It's better to say because it shows creativity and has a richer history, plus that you have more class. That kid had diarreah of the mouth so I told him: "Shut Your Pie Hole." I want to say: "Shut Your Pie Hole" to Eminem. 2 May MEXICO - SPANISH. Hello all, I am not sure if I wrote it correctly, but I was watching this "That 70's show" episode, and they are saying something like: "shut your pie hole". For the context I suppose the meaning is to shut up or be quit. So could any one please first tell me if it is correctly written and then what. Oh, shut your mouth, May. Oh, cierra la boca, May. Kenny, shut your goddamn mouth! ¡Kenny, cierra tu puta boca! Toby, shut your hole about the empanadas. Toby, deja de hablar sobre las empanadas. Number One, shut your mouth. Numero 1, Callate la boca. Hey, shut your pie hole, buddy. Eh, cierre su bocota, amigo.